Thursday, December 3, 2015


Famous Bev Doolittle painting re-imagined using edible ingredients

Pintos (c) Bev Doolittle
Renowned UK food artist Michelle Wibowo created a giant, edible optical illusion inspired by the famous Pintos painting by Bev Doolittle.

The food interpretation was created to mark the official UK launch of the Californian wine Dark Horse. The painting was recreated using the tasting notes of the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon variants, including 6 ½ pounds each of dark chocolate and caramel, 15 ½ pounds of dried apple, 4 ½pounds of spice and nearly 9 pounds of coffee beans. The edible spectacle measures an impressive 8 feet by 6 feet and weighs almost 44 pounds.
Food artist Michelle Wibowo and her creation.

Michelle Wibowo’s construction took over 60 hours in order to re-imagine and, as with the original painting, observers debate exactly how many pintos are in the image.

 “We also had a bit of fun adding a couple of extra images to the original design,” Wibowo commented, “wine glasses can be found in two floating horse heads.”


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