Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Patriotic Art of Concealment

Stars and Stripes Fine Art Canvas
The word freedom is a powerful, emotionally charged word, evoking ideas of independence, free will, opportunity and inalienable rights. Freedom enables change, learning, understanding, rescue and salvation. The very nature of the word "freedom," however, implies that there are those who are not free.

In honor of Memorial Day and those who gave us these freedoms, Judy Larson turns her unique artistic signature her meticulous scratch board technique and “art of concealment” to the Stars and Stripes. Scratch board demands exacting skill, producing work with explicit detail and providing a great opportunity to conceal one image within another.

Stars and Stripes incorporates thirteen stripes on the feather in the horse’s tail, 50 stars on the horse’s rump and a hidden eagle on the horse’s face. All are symbols of our great land, the United States of America. (View the key to the hidden imagery)

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