Monday, October 15, 2012

Combes Soysambu Legacy on Film

Guy Combes  and the Artists for Conservation are in Vancouver BC for their annual art show where they introduced a new documentary The Soysambu Legacy-Art and Conservation in Africa's Rift Valley. This film follows the story of artist Simon Combes and the efforts of his son Guy Combes, and widow Kathryn Combes to carry on his legacy through their art and conservation programs. The film features the stunning landscape of the 48,000 Soysambu Conservancy where Simon was raised (then known as the Soysmabu Farm) and the efforts to integrate it as a vital link in a the Rift Valley eco-system

Guy's work is on display at the 2012 Artists For Conservation Festival and can be found on the Greenwich Website at Guy Combes Fine Art Studio.