Thursday, September 6, 2012

Craig Kosak Joins The Greenwich Workshop

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce Craig Kosak, the newest member of the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists!
Craig Kosak with his new Fine Art Editions
Craig Kosak’s meld of mythology and legend with modern spirituality is enhanced by the flawless fusion of abstract and realistic painting in his compositions. Craig's painting is as beautiful on the surface as it is in its depth and is rife with meaning. Ravens, bison, horses and wolves figure prominently in his iconography and personal stories.

“My paintings are inspired by the natural world and the human condition. Most importantly I want to show the bond we have with other living creatures that share our planet.”
Three distinct images have been chosen as part of his introductory fine art edition offering: Pegasus - Leap of Faith , White Bison of the East and First Land (Click on each title learn more). Each comes in two sizes and are extremely limited in the number available.
Craig Kosak's artwork is some of the most original and inspiring creations found today, and it is an honor to have him as part of our family!