Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Terpning Crow Camp Stands out at Heritage Auction


Crow Country
Plunder From Sonora & Crow Country where the top lots at the November 10th Heritage Western and California Art Signature Auction. Selling for $962,500 and $662,500 respectively, these two Howard Terpning originals stood out amongst very respectable western art company. Works from Bierstadt, Russell, Hennings, Fechin and Leigh were also featured in the auction. Ed Beardsley, Vice President of Fine &  Decorative Arts at Heritage states, “Not only did we offer some of the most recognizable names in Western art, it was arguably some of their finest work and observant buyers recognized that. It was a standing room only crowd bringing lovers of great Western and California art to Heritage’s world headquarters (in Dallas).”

Plunder From Sonora
Terpning’s Plunder from Sonora was published as a Fine Art Canvas in 2003, is Sold Out at the Publisher and can rarely be found on the secondary market. Crow Country will be released as a Fine Art Canvas in December 2012.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Combes Soysambu Legacy on Film

Guy Combes  and the Artists for Conservation are in Vancouver BC for their annual art show where they introduced a new documentary The Soysambu Legacy-Art and Conservation in Africa's Rift Valley. This film follows the story of artist Simon Combes and the efforts of his son Guy Combes, and widow Kathryn Combes to carry on his legacy through their art and conservation programs. The film features the stunning landscape of the 48,000 Soysambu Conservancy where Simon was raised (then known as the Soysmabu Farm) and the efforts to integrate it as a vital link in a the Rift Valley eco-system

Guy's work is on display at the 2012 Artists For Conservation Festival and can be found on the Greenwich Website at Guy Combes Fine Art Studio.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Craig Kosak Joins The Greenwich Workshop

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce Craig Kosak, the newest member of the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists!
Craig Kosak with his new Fine Art Editions
Craig Kosak’s meld of mythology and legend with modern spirituality is enhanced by the flawless fusion of abstract and realistic painting in his compositions. Craig's painting is as beautiful on the surface as it is in its depth and is rife with meaning. Ravens, bison, horses and wolves figure prominently in his iconography and personal stories.

“My paintings are inspired by the natural world and the human condition. Most importantly I want to show the bond we have with other living creatures that share our planet.”
Three distinct images have been chosen as part of his introductory fine art edition offering: Pegasus - Leap of Faith , White Bison of the East and First Land (Click on each title learn more). Each comes in two sizes and are extremely limited in the number available.
Craig Kosak's artwork is some of the most original and inspiring creations found today, and it is an honor to have him as part of our family!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Neil Armstrong: A Measure of Accomplishment

The measure of what humanity can accomplish is a size 9 1/2 bootprint. It belongs to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. It will stay on the moon for millions of years with nothing to wipe it away, serving as an almost eternal testament to a can-do mankind
-       Seth Borenstein
At the Greenwich Workshop, we have had the opportunity and pleasure of experiencing, almost daily, that “can-do” glow of the Apollo program through our association with Apollo XII astronaut and artist Alan Bean. The sad news of the passing of his friend Neil Armstrong is offset by thinking of how Mr. Armstrong’s achievements reflect what we as individuals, a people and a country are capable of accomplishing when challenged.

We look at the astronauts of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo as the embodiment of America at its finest. And certainly, they are. Their bravery was only accentuated by their nonchalance dismissal of the danger of the task. Among a pool of highly motivated and competitive individuals each secured, through hard work, service and sacrifice, their place in the program. He commanded the first attempt at a lunar landing because he earned that right.

But when you listen to men like Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Bean speak of their success and that of the lunar program, their pride is not in what they did, but what the nationaccomplished. The feats of engineers, valve-makers, designers and welders that allowed that “giant leap” are what, in their opinion, should be viewed as truly extraordinary. Apollo was an audacious and public effort that the world hasn't seen before or has seen since. What we are capable of bringing about together far exceeds what we can do as individuals.

Neil Armstrong embodied that spirit. Americans (and the world) recall his first step and his words more than those of any other astronaut. We are saddened by his passing and our condolences go out to his family and his friends. We will forever remember and choose to embrace him as a symbol of the potential and capability of a people and a nation dedicated to a right and proper goal.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Terpning Posts Highest Sale at Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

Scouts Report

Howard Terpning's Scout's Report sold for over $975,000 at the Coeur d'Alene Art Auction in Reno July 21st. The auction posted a total of $17.4 million in sales and this Terpning painted in 1988 record the highest sale at the event. The original works of Greenwich Workshop artists were featured for sale alongside such legendary names as Remington, Russell and Rungius. A second Terpning, the newly painted Treasure in the Desert sold for over $725,000.

Treasure in the Desert

ZS Liang, Bonnie Marris, Morgan Weislting, Daniel Smith, James Bama, Frank McCarthy, Mian Situ and Luke Frazier were among other Greenwich Workshop artists who's works were sold at the prestigious event. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

We're Bullish on the Art of R. Tom Gilleon

It’s hard to look at any Western art news these days without running into the uniquely distinctive art of R. Tom Gilleon. The cover of July’s Southwest Art magazine features one of his iconic teepee paintings and Altamira Fine Art in Jackson WY is preparing for his solo show titled Bears and Bulls. The title is taken from one of Gilleon’s new paintings, a nine-panel grid depicting Native American symbols rendered in the artist’s signature palette. 

July Fine Art Edition Turning Bear by R. Tom Gilleon
 from The Greenwich Workshop, Inc.
Meanwhile, Gilleon is putting the finishing touches on The Greenwich Workshop’s July publication of his new Fine Art Edition, Turning Bear .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Preview Terpning "Portrait of a Storyteller" Film

The full length, 90-minute film Howard Terpning: Portrait of a Storyteller will premiere Saturday, May 12 in Los Angeles at the Autry National Center. Click here to watch the preview

Traders Among the Crow
The film combines the telling of Terpning's life and career along with the creation of Traders Among the Crow. Terpning's story is far richer and entertaining than one would presuppose, an art and success story that could only happen in America. His introduction to the West as a child, two separate calls to duty, an illustration career in which he created some of the most recognized advertising icons of our time, all before his career as a fine artist.

The creation of Traders Among the Crow is as much a part of the film as Terpning's story. Terpning allows us a look behind closed studio doors at his process for creating an original work. A Fine Art Edition  Traders Among the Crow is the canvas that accompanies the The Collector's Edition of his new book A Tribute to the Plains People .

The film premiere is part of the opening weekend for A Tribute to the Plains People, a 90-piece retrospective of Terpning's western masterpieces. It will be on display at The Autry National Center in Griffiths Park, Los Angeles, CA, May 12-July 7.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

$1.9 Million Terpning at Scottsdale Art Auction and More!

"Captured Ponies" (c)Howard Terpning
The art of Howard Terpning continues to command the highest prices ever paid for the work of a living Western artist. On March 31, 2012, seven original paintings by Howard Terpning sold at the Scottsdale Art Auction for a total of over $5,000,000. The sales included Mystic Power of the War Shield for $1.7 million, Leader of Men for $975,000 and Captured Ponies for an astonishing $1,940,000. (Captured Ponies sold in 1977 for $7,000) (These record-setting prices include the buyers premium.)
         On the morning we spoke to Howard about this recent auction he was, of course, honored that his work could attract such attention. If you want to know the secret behind why his work has reached the strata it has, consider his closing thoughts: “Well, it is what it is and I’m hard at it again this morning."
Visit www.terpningtribute.com to see Terpning's new book Terpning: A Tribute to the Plains People and learn about his one man retrospective opening May 12 at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gilleon Booth Museum Show

R. Tom Gilleon has a one man exhibition opening January 28, 2012 at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville Georgia. The exhibition will run through May 27, 2012 and includes over 30 paintings, a number of which have been released by The Greenwich Workshop as Fine Art Editions.

The Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, GA
Tom will be attending a reception for the exhibition March 8, 2012 and a catalogue of the show will be available. You can visit the Booth website at www.boothmuseum.org

Autry Masters Show Sets the Stage

Curious as to what the 2012 year in art will bring? The doors open in one week on the first major museum art show of 2012 and the Family of Greenwich Artists will be well represented: sixteen are showing at this invitation only event! You can visit the show's comprehensive website http://theautry.org/masters-of-the-american-west-2012/overview. Better yet, visit the Autry National Center in Los Angeles and see the show yourself from February 4 to March 18.

Here's a taste of what you'll see:
Returning to the Bay, Christopher Blossom

Window to the Arctic, Greg Beecham

Going to Treaty, John Buxton

Wild Onions, Don Crowley

Pouncer, Luke Frazier

Trading for Moccasins, Z.S. Liang

Tsunami, Bonnie Marris

Cattle Land in Winter, Dean Mitchell

The Grand Expedition, William S. Phillips

Street Fair, Mian Situ

Alpine Aura,  Dan Smith

Return to the Prairie, Tucker Smith

The Spanish Shawl, JoAnn Peralta

Traders Among the Crow, Howard Terpning

Winter Sun - Isis, Curt Walters

The Doll Laundry, Morgan Weislting

Old Santa Fe Trail, Kim Wiggins

And as a special reward for following this post this far, you are one of the first to know that The Greenwich Workshop will be publishing Terpning: A Tribute to the Plains People in conjunction with his one man retrospective that opens at the Autry May 12, 2012.

Stay tuned for details...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bask in the Warm Mediterranean Sun

Wouldn't you love to be on the sun drenched shores of the Italian Coast right now. We know June Carey would, but, she is here in the States preparing for her annual show at American Visions in Folsom, CA. Her featured new original work for the event is The Amalfi Coast, and June has invited us into her studio to watch this original work of art come to life .

The painting places us high in the hills of Ravello, looking east towards Minori down on the Amalfi coast. Age-old towns, villas and vineyards sit above a tranquil, aqua-blue Mediterranean Sea that is truly one of the most magical destinations on earth. By following this link Take Me to The Amalfi Coast you be able to see this tantalizing work of art take form. We will update June's progress twice a week leading up to the show itself and give you a little peek into June's creative process.

If basking in a little warm Italian summer sun every day sounds good to you, reserve your own copy of the Fine Art Giclee Canvas Amalfi Coast from your authorized dealer.

A painting takes form