Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Wizard Mouse," Dean Morrissey's New Children's Book

Greenwich Workshop artist Dean Morrissey's latest children's book will be published in October 2011 by Harper Collins. There will be a book launch at Buttonwood Books in Cohasset, Ma on October 2. The Wizard Mouse is the story of Rollie, the little field mouse who sets off for the Kingdom of Muddmoor where he finds many wonderous creatures, the Wizard of Muddmoor, and eventually he finds a place in the world for himself. Fans of The Ship of Dreams, The Christmas Ship, The Crimson Comet and other Morrissey titles won't be disappointed.

Kirkus Reviews calls The Wizard Mouse "…another well-told, elegantly paced and visually luxurious tale from Morrissey…that shows his artistic mastery."

Solarus the Wizard (aka the Wizard of Muddmoor on the bookjacket) is available as a Masterwork Canvas and as a limited edition print from The Greenwich Workshop, Inc.

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