Friday, September 23, 2011

Greenwich Artists Stand Out at Record Setting Auction

The artists of the Greenwich Workshop maintained a commanding presence at this year's Jackson Hole Art Auction. The auction set an event best of over $9,000,000 in sales. Our family of artists represented 10% of those sales, over $900,000.

Mian Situ, The Toy Peddler of Dupont Street $230,000

Howard Terpning, A Day To Ride $115,000

Howard Terpning, Winter Hunt 97,750

Z.S. Liang, Buffalo Dance, $97,7500

Morgan Weistling, Alice $86,250

Morgan Weistling, Patchwork Dreams $39,100

Frank McCarthy, Nomads of the Northern Plains $57,500

Bonnie Marris, Vantage Point $37,375

Bonnie Marris, Ice $28,750

Tom Gilleon, Purple Tipi $9,775

Daniel Smith, Tall Grass Tension $3,450

Flick Ford, Brook Trout $1,725

Congratulations to The Jackson Hole Art Auction on such a successful auction! As usual, we are brimming with pride at the value fine art collectors place on the the Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists! 

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