Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions Stand In for Originals in Collectors' Homes

We were happy to see two of our Fine Art Editions in a John Geraghty article, featuring the lovely home of Darlene and Durwood Barnett, in Western Art Collector's November 2010 issue. The Masterwork Canvas edition of Mian Situ's "The Golden Mountain" at 60 x 49 (unframed!) dominated a two-story stairway and a Howard Terpning Fine Art Canvas, "The Teachings of My Grandmother" graces the wall over the fireplace. The Barnetts fell in love with both originals early in their collecting at a Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale but their names were not chosen from the intent-to-purchase boxes. When The Grenwich Workshop published these two paintings, the Barnetts purchased them and hung them in Gerald Montgomery frames in their home. Now serious Western Art collectors, their featured home, photographed by Francis Smith, is filled with original paintings and sculpture by top artists.