Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steve Hanks Commission Graces Award-Winning Bookjacket

About a year ago, we got a call from a book designer at Viking Penguin who was looking for Steve Hanks. One of Steve's collectors had recommended him for a book jacket commission.

The book, Bill Warrington's Last Chance, a first novel by James King, is about an elderly man who has discovered he has Alzheimer's and wants to reunite his three estranged children one last time to give them a message before he loses all his memory to the disease. He sets out on a road trip from Ohio to California with his 15 year-old granddaughter to accomplish this.

Steve Hanks agreed to do the commission and the book, shown here, is now an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award winner. We can't help but think that the Hanks jacket painting helped many potential readers buy the book. The inside scoop: We heard from a reliable source that the artist served as the model for the painting.

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