Monday, August 9, 2010

Scott Gustafson's "Confabulation of Dragons" Wins more Awards!

Congratulations to Scott Gustafson whose Confabulation of Dragons was just nominated for a Chesley Award in the Best Product Illustration category: Greenwich Workshop limited edition giclee canvas. The competition is all very talented so the nomination alone is quite an honor.

"Confabulation" came from the artist's fascination with English words used to describe groups of particular animals like a pride of lions, a pod of whales, a clutter of spiders. "In that vein," said the artist, "I wondered what a gathering of dragons might be called." Gustafson stumbled upon the word "confabulate" whose Webster dictionary definition includes: "To replace fact with fantasy in memory." Thus a confabulation of dragons was born.

Also, we just got word that "Confab" was one of only 20 paintings nominated for an "Illie Award," which is an award offered up by the Illustration Exchange and their convention, IlluXCon. According to their copy "The Illie Award recognizes the single best traditionally created painting of the year, as chosen by the members of the Illustration Exchange /"

With national attention like this, and less than 15 open numbers left in the fine art limited edition, we'll soon be hunting for a word that means "a place where dragons once gathered, but no more."

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