Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions Stand In for Originals in Collectors' Homes

We were happy to see two of our Fine Art Editions in a John Geraghty article, featuring the lovely home of Darlene and Durwood Barnett, in Western Art Collector's November 2010 issue. The Masterwork Canvas edition of Mian Situ's "The Golden Mountain" at 60 x 49 (unframed!) dominated a two-story stairway and a Howard Terpning Fine Art Canvas, "The Teachings of My Grandmother" graces the wall over the fireplace. The Barnetts fell in love with both originals early in their collecting at a Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale but their names were not chosen from the intent-to-purchase boxes. When The Grenwich Workshop published these two paintings, the Barnetts purchased them and hung them in Gerald Montgomery frames in their home. Now serious Western Art collectors, their featured home, photographed by Francis Smith, is filled with original paintings and sculpture by top artists.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Z.S. Liang - Sold Out Show!

Trailside Galleries in Scottsdale hosted a one man show of ZS Liang's original works October 1 through October 17. The seven original works were all sold by draw or silient auction on Oct 15. Collector favorites from the show included Eagle Dancer Potawatomi and Assiniboin Hunnters. Congratulations Zhuo!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Greenwich Workshop Wins Gold Award in 23rd Annual Gold Ink Awards Competition

The Greenwich Workshop, Inc. won the 2010 Gold Ink Award in the Digital Printing, Specialty category for its submission of James C. Christensen's Angel Unaware limited edition fine art print. The industry's premier print competition is sponsored by Publishing Executive, Printing Impressions and Book Business magazines.
This year's Gold Ink Award winners were chosen from over 1,200 submitted entries. Judging was based on print quality, technical difficulty and overall visual effect. The eleven judges included directors of print production and quality control from major printing houses, professional photographers and graphic artists.
Kudos to our in-house production team headed by Bob Hixon and Dave Grant who have made The Greenwich Workshop an award-winning producer of fine art editions.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steve Hanks Commission Graces Award-Winning Bookjacket

About a year ago, we got a call from a book designer at Viking Penguin who was looking for Steve Hanks. One of Steve's collectors had recommended him for a book jacket commission.

The book, Bill Warrington's Last Chance, a first novel by James King, is about an elderly man who has discovered he has Alzheimer's and wants to reunite his three estranged children one last time to give them a message before he loses all his memory to the disease. He sets out on a road trip from Ohio to California with his 15 year-old granddaughter to accomplish this.

Steve Hanks agreed to do the commission and the book, shown here, is now an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award winner. We can't help but think that the Hanks jacket painting helped many potential readers buy the book. The inside scoop: We heard from a reliable source that the artist served as the model for the painting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gilleon Donates MuseumEdition Canvas To Cancer Institute

Tom Gilleon donated a MuseumEdition Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition of one of his iconic tepee paintings to Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute in Great Falls in honor of Andy Anderson, who is undergoing treatment there for brain and lung cancer. Tom and Laurie Gilleon and Andy and Dottie Anderson met almost three decades ago when the Andersons were working at the Diamond Bar X Guest Ranch near Augusta, and the Gilleons were visiting from California for an artists' workshop. The Giclee, titled "Tribal Tripartite," showing three tepees — each from a different tribe — now hangs outside the office of Anderson's doctor, Bryan Martin.

For the full story go to

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scott Gustafson's "Confabulation of Dragons" Wins more Awards!

Congratulations to Scott Gustafson whose Confabulation of Dragons was just nominated for a Chesley Award in the Best Product Illustration category: Greenwich Workshop limited edition giclee canvas. The competition is all very talented so the nomination alone is quite an honor.

"Confabulation" came from the artist's fascination with English words used to describe groups of particular animals like a pride of lions, a pod of whales, a clutter of spiders. "In that vein," said the artist, "I wondered what a gathering of dragons might be called." Gustafson stumbled upon the word "confabulate" whose Webster dictionary definition includes: "To replace fact with fantasy in memory." Thus a confabulation of dragons was born.

Also, we just got word that "Confab" was one of only 20 paintings nominated for an "Illie Award," which is an award offered up by the Illustration Exchange and their convention, IlluXCon. According to their copy "The Illie Award recognizes the single best traditionally created painting of the year, as chosen by the members of the Illustration Exchange /"

With national attention like this, and less than 15 open numbers left in the fine art limited edition, we'll soon be hunting for a word that means "a place where dragons once gathered, but no more."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonderful Terpning News Story

Recently, Howard Terpning was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Terpning attended the school on the GI Bill after his service in the Marine Corps.

The story was aired June 21 on WTTW Channel 11's Chicago Tonight. It does a wonderful job of capturing the scope of Howard's career.,8,80&player=Chicago-Tonight&pid=5d9KvcZE598KSNOUcJ2iVG_iyliWT_rQ

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blossom Wins Prix De West!

Do you know how outstanding your (albeit west of the Mississippi river) maritme painting has to be to win the Prix De West? Christopher Blossom's Sunrise in the Golden Gate; Downeaster “Benjamin F. Packard" pulled that off this past weekend against a field of 110 artists who presented 346 paintings in Oklahoma City, OK.

The Prix de West art exhibition and sale, hosted by the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum, is America's premiere sprintime artshow. Each year at Prix de West, distinguished honors are selected by the Prix de West committee, the artists and buyers. The top honor is the Prix de West Purchase Award; the work chosen to be purchased for the Museum’s permanent collection. The artist receives the purchase price and a cash award of $5,000. Christopher Blossom was honored for the first time with the prestigious Prix de West Purchase Award medallion.

Sunrise in the Golden Gate; Downeaster “Benjamin F. Packard,” priced at $37,000 is a 24” x 38” oil on linen that catches the Benj. F. Packard sailing ship passing through the Golden Gate and into San Francisco Bay. Built in 1883, the Packard was a class of ship that represents the last of the large, wooden full-rigged ships.

Blossom follows a line of highly accomplished artists, including his grandfather, Earl, and father, David. He attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City and worked in the Industrial Design Studio of Robert Bourke, where he learned to accurately interpret blueprints. It is experience that plays into every painting of watercraft. He has been participating in Prix de West for 21 years and is a multiple award winner. Blossom is a three-time recipient (2001, 2007 and 2008) of the Robert Lougheed Memorial Award—an honor voted upon by participating artists.

Chris, this is long over due and your friends here at the Workshop couldn't be prouder!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alan Bean to Appear on Colbert Report June 10

First Artist on Another World, Alan Bean is to appear Thursday June 10 on Comedy Central's, "The Colbert Report." It's anybody's guess as to where the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series' host, Stephen Colbert, will take the interview but it will be well worth watching to find out.

If you miss the broadcast, you'll be able to catch it afterword on the Colbert Report website:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greenwich Artists at Prix De West June 11-13

The Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists will once again be featured at this year’s Prix De West Exhibition and Sale. This year’s attendees include Christopher Blossom, Luke Frazier, Dean Mitchell, Daniel Smith, Tucker Smith and Morgan Weistling.
The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK hosts its prestigious invitational art exhibit of over 300 Western paintings and sculpture by the finest contemporary Western artists in the nation with art seminars, receptions and awards banquet. The exhibiting artists bring a diversity of styles to this prestigious art exhibition.

Works range from historical pieces that reflect the early days of the West, to more contemporary and impressionist works of art. Landscapes, wildlife and illustrative scenes are always highlighted in the exhibition. Reservations are required for opening activities. This annual exhibition kicks off with two days of seminars on art-related topics and art demonstrations. The weekend culminates with a fixed-price sale of all the exhibition pieces.

To view the artwork or learn more go to:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Alan Bean: National Aviation Hall of Fame

On July 17, 2010 Navy Capt. Alan Bean (Ret), Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 12, Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon, Commander of Skylab 3, and the First Artist on Another World will be enshrined into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH. The Hall of Fame, located inside the National Museum of the United States Air Force, honors the legacies of America's air and space pioneers—the individuals whose ambition, innovation and inspiration gave wings to mankind's pursuit of flight.

“This is the Oscar night of aviation,” said NAHF Enshrinement Director Ron Kaplan. “Along with the air and space pioneers being enshrined, we have some giants in aviation history lined up to present each honoree.”

Alan will be introduced by fellow Apollo 12 astronaut, Capt. Richard “Dick” Gordon, (Ret). In Alan Bean’s Conrad, Gordon and Bean, The Fantasy all three of the Apollo 12 crew share a highly desired, but never to be moment on the surface of the moon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Low Inventory Alert: Dan Smith's "Stillwater Crossing Canvas"

Daniel Smith's Stillwater Crossing fine art giclee canvas has entered Low Inventory. Fewer than 10 pieces are left in this edition. A Low Inventory Alert is issued when 80% or more of an edition has been allocated by the publisher.

Stillwater Crossing
by Daniel Smith
Fine Art Limited Edition Giclee Canvas
limited to 50 s/n.
25”w x 18”h

Once a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition has
Sold Out at the Publisher, secondary market pricing may prevail.
Reply to this email for help in purchasing this edition
or for any further assistance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Announcing The Great Art Upgrade

The Greenwich Workshop announces The Great Art Upgrade which will run from April 9th to June 20th. During this window of time, any collector who purchases a Fine Art Edition New Release, those editions shipping for the first time in April, May or June 2010, is qualified to select an additional fine art edition of equal or lesser value from The Great Art Upgrade Studio.

It’s that simple. Purchase any April, May or June New Release and you can select an additional fine art edition (of equal or lesser value) from the over 100 editions that can be found online in the Great Art Upgrade Studio.

Click here to visit The Great Art Upgrade and to learn more: The Great Art Upgrade

Friday, March 26, 2010

Low Inventory Alert: James Christensen's The Blind Leading the Blind

James Christensen's The Blind Leading the Blindhas entered Low Inventory. There are only 90 pieces or less left in this fine art edition. A Low Inventory Alert is issued when 80% of an edition has been allocated by the publisher.

The Blind Leading the Blind
Limited Edition Print
450 signed and numbered
10" x 20"

Once a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition has Sold Out at the Publisher, secondary market pricing may prevail.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Low Inventory Alert: Terpning "Seeking Wisdom Through the Pipe"

Howard Terpning's Seeking Wisdom Through the Pipe has entered Low Inventory. There are only 25 pieces or less left in this fine art edition. A Low Inventory Alert is issued when 80% of an edition has been allocated by the publisher.

Seeking Wisdom Through the Pipe
by Howard Terpning
Limited Edition Canvas:
limited to 125 s/n.
28”w x 22”h

Once a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition has Sold Out at the Publisher, secondary market pricing may prevail.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gustafson's A Confabulation of Dragons wins Spectrum Award. Canvas in Low Inventory

The jury for the seventeenth annual Spectrum competition convened in Kansas City, MO on the weekend February 26, 2010 to make their selections from nearly 6,000 works of fantastic-themed art for this year's book, Spectrum 17. Spectrum is the only art annual with specific categories devoted to Comics, 3D Works, and Concept Art and was the first to feature an Unpublished category. Spectrum's mission is to promote the fantastic arts and provide an annual showcase for contemporary artists.

Scott Gustafson's A Confubulation of Dragons took the Silver Award in the Book Category.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Terpning Video from National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Howard Terpning was interviewed in his home by Dickinson Research Center Director Chuck Rand and videotaped by Rogelio Garcia on November 12, 2004. The hour-long interview is available for viewing at the Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

About ten minutes of that video can be viewed on youtube:

To learn more visit the following websites:
Brodkin Contemporary Western Artists Project:
Dickinson Research Center website:
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum website:

Alan Bean to Speak in Germany

Don't ever under estimate the international appeal of the Apollo program. Alan Bean will be giving a multi-media lecture at the TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER near Heidelberg, Germany Tuesday March 23. Located about an hour south of Frankfurt, TECHNIK MUSEUM SPEYER is hosting the largest Space exhibition in Europe.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Low Inventory Alert: Early Snow

The following Fine Art Edition has entered Low Inventory Status. Nine (9) or less of the edition are available for allocation from the publisher.

EARLY SNOW by R. Tom Gilleon

Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas
Image size:20"w x 20"h.
Edition Size:45
US: $450.00

Sold Out Editions: Gilleon, Terpning

The following editions entered Sold Out status the week of 3/6/10:

Tribal Tripartite

Fine Art Canvas
Image size: 34"w x 17"h.
Edition Size:35

US: $625.00

Trail Along The Backbone

MASTERWORK Fine Art Canvas
Image size:44"w x 36"h.
Edition Size:135
US: $2,450.00

Thursday, February 25, 2010

James Reynolds Memorial Service

A memorial service For James Reynolds will be held March 6, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at the ZELMA BASHA SALMERI GALLERY OF WESTERN AMERICAN AND NATIVE AMERICAN ART located at 22402 S. Basha Road, Chandler Arizona 85248

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sold Out At Publisher!

This Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition
has Sold Out at the Publisher.

Tribal Tripartite
by R. Tom Gilleon

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 15 s/n.
74”w x 37”h.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Low Inventory Alert:The Tie That Binds

The following Fine Art Edition has entered Low Inventory Status, 80% of the edition has been allocated.

The Tie That Binds by James Christensen

Image size:16"w x 20"h.
Edition Size:250
US: $750.00

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Memorium: James Reynolds 1926 - 2010

“Art cannot be casual. I have learned the value of discipline and hard work, and that doing it right takes time. I have discarded set patterns and formulas. My approach to painting changes, although I realize the need to be bold, rather than tentative. I also appreciate that there are both technical and emotional considerations in the creation of worthwhile art.”
- James Reynolds

It was an honor and a privilege for The Greenwich Workshop
to have published the work of this contemporary western artist.

James Reynolds was born in a Standard Oil lease house in 1926 and raised in Taft, California. As a boy, he spent summers at his grandmother’s Nevada City hotel, which was situated just beyond the infamous Donner Pass and literally above the south fork of the Yuba River, supported by stilts. In Nevada City he experienced firsthand the remnants of the Old West and heard the stories of that time.

Although he dabbled with drawing during grade school, Reynolds didn’t investigate it seriously until after World War II. The trip home from China was a long and boring one; luckily, the sailor on the bunk beside him had a painting kit. Reynolds took to it immediately and, upon returning to America, enrolled in the Kahn Institute of Art in Beverly Hills. Reynolds soon found work in Hollywood. For almost two decades, he sketched storyboards and sets for most of the major studios. Finally, after a particularly grueling assignment designing and helping to apply a body of tattoos for the film version of The Illustrated Man, he moved to Sedona, Arizona, and never looked back.

Reynolds is considered to be one of the finest artists of the Western experience. He was a member of the National Academy of Western Art (NAWA) and of the Cowboy Artists of America. In 1992, for his painting Arizona Cowboys, NAWA awarded Reynolds the Gold Award for Oil Painting, the Nona Jean Hulsey Buyer’s Choice Award, and the Prix de West. Reynolds’ other honors include Gold Awards from NAWA, and, from the Cowboy Artists of America, gold medals for best oil painting, Colt Awards, two George Phippen Memorial Awards and the Thomas Moran Memorial Award at the Autry National Center's "Masters of the American West Exhibition".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greenwich Artists Shine At Autry Show

The Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale was once again the center of the western art world this past weekend. In a gathering of the genre’s finest, a number of the highest prices paid and top awards went to Greenwich artists.

Award Winners:
The David P. Usher People’s Choice Award: Morgan Weislting’s Country School House, 1879

Thomas Moran Memorial Award For Painting: Howard Terpning’s The Sound of a DistantBugle

Gene Autry Memorial Award: Mian Situ (three works) The Intruder, Angel’s Camp, California, 1849; Bridge to the Spirit World; Over the Next Rise

Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award: Tucker Smith’s Gardner’s Hole

The Masters Silent Bid was made up entirely of Greenwich Artists and set the mark for original art sales in 2010:

Howard Terpning: The Sound of a Distant Bugle - $ 1,050,000
Mina Situ: The Intruder, Angel’s Camp, California, 1849 - $ 200,000
Morgan Weistling: Country School House, 1879 – $ 152,000
ZS Liang: First-Born Son, Montana Territory, 1859 - $ 100,000

Tucker Smith: Gardener’s Hole - $80,155

Other Greenwich Family of Artists participating in the show included: Christopher Blossom, John Buxton, Bob Coronato, Don Crowley, Luke Frazier, Bonnie Marris, Dean Mitchell, William S. Phillips, Daniel Smith, Curt Walters and Kim Wiggins.

Visit for available works and a detailed background on the Masters Exhibition and Sale.