Thursday, October 2, 2008

Soysambu Conservancy

For Simon, Kat and Guy Combes, the Soysambu Conservancy was more than a conservation effort: for many years, the artists called the conservancy home. The preserve, located just below the equator in Kenya, includes in its mission working to "...sustain wildlife species, indigenous livestock and habitat; support local conservation initiatives; facilitate neighbouring development and educate the community in the value of flora and fauna, in order to preserve the Rift Valley Ecosystem for the benefit of future generations."

Soysambu, which means "place of the brindled rock," is home to four diverse ecosystems, including over 450 species of birds and over 40 semi-endangered Rothschild giraffes. The Conservancy is a non-profit organization and is always in need of donations of time and funding.

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