Monday, October 6, 2008

Judy Larson in Cherokee

At one of the first shows Judy attended, the organizers of the original painting event took the effort to comment on the "time it must have taken to paste all those animal hairs" to her artwork. The stark realism of her patented scratchboard technique and this tale harkens back to stories of James Bama's originals being x-rayed by collectors to confirm that his hyper-realistic paintings were not simply a light coat of paint on top of a photograph.

Over 150 people, some coming from as far as away Maryland and Texas, made their way to Great Smokies North Carolina to spend some time with Judy in September. As impressive as her style is, technique alone won't draw this kind of following. It is Judy's passion for wildlife, native americans and conservation that gives the life to her paintings that collectors connect with so passionately.

The great detail scratchboard allows her to attain in her subject draws the eye at first, but the the real depth of the story she is delivering takes hold when the concealed imagery her paintings contain is discovered. (
The magic Judy's artwork delivers to collectors is a spirited mixture of passion, intellect and craft that far exceeds the first impression. Look again and be impressed!

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