Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Duck-Gate Flaps its Insidious Wings in Boise!

Fresh off the press from the Idaho Statesman:

"Duct-taped duck is animal abuse, not art

In the Aug. 31 paper, we noticed an advertisement on Main 21. It was Gallery 601, with the address at 211 N. 10th St. Who in their right mind would title or submit a photo or painting with a duck that has been wrapped with duct tape and call it art and stating, "Come Join the Fun." We feel this advertisement is very offensive and that the artist should be psychologically evaluated.
It wasn't too long ago where this same action was literally done by local kids who had brought the goose or duck to school also duct-taped. This action was addressed by animal protection services and the kids were suspended. The local television news team had broadcast this abuse, and now you are endorsing this? The local newscasters said the duck was injured and in the care of the Idaho Humane Society.
Although art is a broad subject, some things are not appropriate subject matter. You wouldn't show a picture of a woman with a black eye and say, "Come Join the Fun," would you? Please address this matter accordingly.

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